This is the only blogging course specifically aimed at writers and photographers who want to take their blogging to the next level to either grow their platform, to monetize their blog or gain exposure for their other projects. The days of making passive income while blogging are long gone, but well written blogs with excellent photography continue to grow and prosper and it is a serious career option or addition to your current mix of creative work.

Our Core Principles

Between the course content, the monthly challenges and the discussions in our private member-only Facebook group, we cover just about everything related to blogging and managing your creative career. However there are few core principles that guide what we’re trying to achieve:

We care about storytelling, quality writing and photography and serving our readers first.

While we may monetize our blogs, it’s with a gentle touch and never at the expense of our editorial voice or ethics.

We’re focused more on long-term growth, rather than quick hits. We know that growing an audience is about getting real people engaged, not just pumping up clicks.

The best way to improve your blogging, writing and photography is to do it more and to get feedback in the form of honest, but constructive critiques. 

Blog Brilliantly Monthly

What do you get?


The monthly membership is a chance to try out the course with a full committment and to see if it works for you. With this membership level you get:

  1. Access to all of the content, immediately (about 150 posts, over 100,000 words).
  2. Access to the private Facebook group for as long as you are a member.
  3. New content and challenges monthly.
  4. An invitation to our private monthly chat where you can ask questions face-to-face (we use google+ hangouts and you can just watch or jump in)


The Monthly Schedule

Week One: An indepth topic, usually inspired by our discussions in the previous month.

Week Two: A group challenge/workshop which is usually a writing or photography assignment with some interaction in the FB group for feedback (for example, we’ve done photography challenges and the members participating posted their best photos to FB for feedback from the other members.)

Week Three: A monthly video chat with the course founder, Christine Gilbert on Google + Hangouts.

Week Four: See full membership below.

Plus monthly members get access to some our resources like an excellent photography ebook, themes, lists of PR contacts, and more.



FULL MEMBERSHIP $250/one time

The full membership gets everything above but the membership doesn’t expire. Ever. It’s a $250 one-time fee (less than 12 months at the monthly rate) you have forever access to the course.

Additionally, there’s private critiques available with Christine, during the fourth week of the month and you’ll have a monthly opportunity to get feedback on your blog via email or a critique of a piece of writing/photography or help with copy edits (limited to 4,000 words) or to just check in via Skype. This is not available to monthly members.

Plus, all FULL members get free access to one Blog Brilliantly workshop per year.