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There's a million courses out there, but only one that's focused on craft and business sense - creating the very best content and positioning yourself to be able to have an audience of truly invested readers find you. You don't have to change the way you write or interact with your audience just to make a living. In fact, that's the best thing you bring to the table -- your unique voice. Get started now...

Is this course for me?

  • I want to make six figures a year

    Um, probably not. There are of course blogs who make this kind of money, but they are the exceptions. Making a living wage? YES. Working hard and creating art that you're proud of? Absolutely. Building a career? No doubt. But instant riches? Sorry, it's a myth.
  • I want to learn how to write better

    Yes. We specifically workshop our writing, that means critical peer reviews (it's voluntary to participate) and we have several resources that address story, long-term narratives (how do I tell a story over weeks and months and keep people interested?) and writing for the web.
  • I want to learn how to use Wordpress

    We don't train people on Wordpress specifically. If you have a question we can try to help but it's assumed that everyone has the basic setup of their blog completed. Mediabistro offers a basic blogging course online here. It's a great place to start and then when you're done, head back over!
  • I want to take better photos

    We do photography workshops as well! There are even some tips on using Lightroom and how to best optimize for the web.
  • I'm not sure what I need to learn!

    That's exactly where I was, when I first started. I thought I was learning the right things, but you don't know what you don't know. Being a part of a community is a great way to bounce ideas around and see if there's an easier, smarter or faster way to accomplish you goals.
  • So what is this? A writing workshop?

    Not quite. Blogging is interdiscplinary, it requires you to be a writer, a photographer, a programmer, a publisher, a marketer, and a business person. It might involve video or might lead to speaking engagements or consulting work. We're covering tips from multiple fields! It might seem daunting but that's why the course is self-paced. You can pick and choose the areas you want to focus on and leave the rest until later.
  • I want a bullshit-free take on blogging

    That's us. Listen we've been around, we've watched our peers stand up at blogging conferences and give a load of BS about SEO or monetization or how "story matters" (which we believe but doubt they do) and enough is enough. We promise that we never talk about things we haven't personally tried. We share our failures, doubts and successes. The income we make, the traffic we get, it's all transparent. If we don't know the answer to something, we'll admit it. Blogging changes by the month. Too many people are rehashing the same tired old advice and hiding their failures in order to brand themselves as an expert. That's not us.
  • I want to know what's important in blogging right now

    Social media? Fading. You know that moment when the very last stubborn old media company finally climbs on board and you realize that, wow, those wild west days of making crazy ground on traffic with social media are over? Well it's happened. There's new opportunities. That doesn't mean search engines, social media, advertising, and the like have disappeared, it just means that if you want an early-adopter advantage, you have to think beyond Facebook and Twitter.
  • I have no time to do this course

    Then don't do it! I know, I know, there's never enough time, but signing up isn't enough. You have read the articles, participate in the Facebook group, attempt the challenges, ask questions, get feedback, request critiques, work on your photography and writing. It sucks but you can't get better just by paying us money (although what an amazing business model that would be for us!).


$29/ month


  • Take as long as you need to finish the course, you're billed monthly and can cancel when you're done.
  • Access to all course content at once, over 85 articles.
  • Access to all new articles added each week as long as you're a member.
  • Weekly challenges (example) around writing, photography, video and more with prizes!
  • A free copy of the epic Getting Out of Auto ebook ($10) by Bethany Salvon
  • Access to themes at Woothemes.com and Elegantthemes.com (worth between $29- $75)
  • An active private Facebook community
  • Help and support from your instructors on any questions you may have.

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